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Possible provision of a paperboard, a screen and an overhead projector
Possibility of hiring of a video projector
Possibility of restoration on the spot (small personalized to define according to your budget) and of lodging.

The Hotel is equipped with system WIFI to benefit as well as possible from Internet.

75,00 € ttc including all taxes for the 1/2 day.
150,00 € ttc including all taxes for the day.
5,00 € ttc /pers. including all taxes /pers.  for the
organization of a pause including/understanding viennoiseries, tea, coffee, juice of orange.

Find within our hotel, a space for your seminars, conferences or your cocktails or meetings of businesses. The room is located at the back of the establishment, calms, with an opening towards outside.

The fitting of the room is with your suitability according to your needs, your practices. It can contain 25 to 30 people. Its surface is of 25m2.

Any request for hiring can be made by fax, email or directly by telephone.

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